No Gift I Can Give

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A father's goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother's goodness deeper than the sea. -- Japanese Proverb
Every person maybe have a dream to make his/her parents proud and live happily. Because, parents are everything we own in this world. They love and take care of us since we do not know of single word, single deed, and single thing. They give everything they have for us to keep alive, love, affection, money, energy, knowledge, and there's so much more. Sometimes, we never realize that we can't ever live without them. In our child time, we might make them so busy and troublesome. In our teenage time, we might make them so worried and restless of what we do. In our adult time, we might make them still worried and confused of what we will get in our new life. They often say, that the highest of their happiness is to see their children live happily. However, we still find so many difficulties to make them happy. What should I do in my 22nd year-old?

A few weeks ago, my mom ever told me that she never expect anything from me to make her happy. For her, to see me and my two little sisters being closed to Him, would make her happy. Her words make me realize that I can't ever make her happy. What I feel, just like I only can make my parents disappointed. Yea, she often tells me, she is lucky to have us as her children not just like many children nowadays. I know, we're 'different', even after I have taken this path, my sisters might look to what I do. And I am lucky too, to have this family as my family. Although, sometimes, I make them disappointed.

I do not have any money or wealth to make them happy. If I have, maybe I could give everything they want. But I remember, money or wealth is not the real happiness I should reach. Since I was graduated from my university, I am now jobless, and it means I do not accept any salary, and means no money for me. So, I am still given by my parents. Different from my cousin, after she was graduated from her school, she got a job. Now, she gets much money. And her family might be happy that on the weekend they can be together and go somewhere they want. Yes, today, money is everything. But not for me.

Just to be honest, maybe I want to get money and do what my cousin's family do to make them happy. However, I remember what my mom said. I have no gift to give them, but this path I take. I just want to give them such a real happiness, not only in this world, but also the afterlife. With my two little sisters, we really want to give our parents the tickets of heaven.
Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda "Barangsiapa diantara kalian mempunyai tiga orang anak gadis lalu ia sabar merawatnya dalam keadaan susah dan senang, maka Allah akan memasukkan dia sorga berkat kasih sayang orang itu kepada ketiganya" (H.R. Ahmad).
And that's what I can only try. Maybe I can't ever give them the happiness through wealth, money, tittle, or position, but I will try as the one Rasul had said. I take this path to save my parents, to give them the true happiness, because the true happiness is only come through Allah's will. And that's what I will try, to reach the real happiness through the path He has provided. Wallahualam bisshawab.