To The Underworld

9/15/2011 08:01:00 PM 1 Comments A+ a-

Every step I take
Feels like I passing through to the tomb
Trapped in the darkness
Cover with its beautiful deceit
Takes me to the deepest underworld
Not let me go out from its amazing fantasy
Fixated by its fake fragrant
Cradles me to sleep on the utopian bed
Decorated by the rainbow of the dream
Restrain myself to always stay in virtual world
Then I fell in the deepest of ravine
Make me crawling on the sharp cliff
I cry myself alone all day
Regretting myself
I come back to take my steps on the stabbed gravel
Deceived by the beauty of the shadow
Tempted by dainty whisper
Let the pain rips my heart
I try to climb this high cliff of the underworld
Let me out to seek the light of truth
Find the real
Bring me to the endless happiness of life
Before it’s too late

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