My Favorite Football Team Ever

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Some of my friends maybe have already known about my favorite football team. Do you know it? Yes of course. It’s Arsenal or we may call it as The Gunners. And for us, their supporters called us as The Gooners.
Now, I wanna explain Arsenal from general point. As we know, Arsenal is one of the best football clubs whether in Premier League or in the world. Because they have never been out from the big four, they are Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and also Arsenal. But did you know that Arsenal and MU are never out from the big four team in this decade?
Arsenal began when a group of workers at Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory decided to form a football club in last 1886. Their first name was Dial Square. Then soon changed to be Royal Arsenal, Woolwich Arsenal, and last Arsenal Football Club. Their first home was in Highbury, North London. They used this stadium since 1913 until 2006. Then they moved to Emirates Stadium which is not far from the first stadium.
Arsene Wenger become the most successful of Arsenal, because he has given many trophies for Arsenal. And he also can create many unknown player become successful and famous players. We can see some example here, like Thiery Henry, Patrick Vieira, Ashley Cole, Robin van Persie, Francesc Fabregas, and also Emmanuel Adebayor, the traitor. Because of his ability to create the unknown players to be famous players, he is often called as a Professor. Arsene Wenger has been an Arsenal manager for 13 years. Thiery Henry became the most successful player in Arsenal and he became an Arsenal legend because he is the best Arsenal goalscorer ever with 214 goals. They also were the first team which unbeaten in 49 matches, that was good record.
Now I want to share with you when I watched Arsenal’s match for the first time. It was on Saturday night August 2004. At that night I felt bored because there wasn’t any good TV show, so I tried to watch football match. At that time there was a football match, it was Arsenal vs Milwall. And I felt exciting with their game. So I continued to watch until the game finished. They won 4-1 against Milwall. And I’m so impressed with Arsenal which at that time there were some good players like Henry, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, Lehmann, Gilberto, Reyes, Ljungberg, Lauren, and many more. And I loved that squad, and I think that was the best squad of Arsenal,because they were the champions of Premier League in 2003-2004. But something that made me so impresed was Fabregas, the youngest player of Arsenal at that time. He was still 16 years old, but he was very good player although he was just substitution of Patrick Vieira. After that match, I used to be always watch them every weeks although at the middle of the night, I always wait for their game until now. But honestly, now there are not a local TV that show Premier League fully. So, I must stand by on TV to watch the football news every morning.
I think Arsenal squad in 03/04 season was very excellent, but I didn’t watch them yet. So I choose the best team of Arsenal was in 2005-2006 season when they reached Champions League Final for the first time in their history. The composition of players were very good, where the senior players combined with the junior players. That was so amazing team. But honestly, they were defeated by Barcelona with score 2-1. And I felt very very sad.
Now, Arsenal have different squad since this last three years. They have many young players, so people often call them as The Young Guns. Sometimes they are very good in play but sometime they are lost in a game. They play unconsistently. But I really wish for them that they can be the winner again in some competition in this season or next season, they can be the best club in the world, they can be the most frightened club like six years ago.

Biography : Arsene Wenger

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Arsene Wenger was born in Strasbourg, France, on October 22th 1949. Wenger grew up in villaage, Duttlenheim, as the son of Alphonse Wenger and wife Louise with an older sister and brother. Wenger has a wife and a doughter and lives in Totteridge, London. As we know, he is the erudite Frenchman’s football manager. He studied at the Institute Europeen d’ Etudes Commerciales Superieures de Strasbourg of Robert Schuman University, where he completed a Master degree in 1971.

Wenger began his professional player in 1978, his debut for RC Strasbourg against Monaco as defender. Previously, he was recruited by amateur team AZ Mutzig. Wenger’s playing career was relatively inauspicious. He only made twelve appearances for RC Strasbourg. In 1981, he got a manager’s diploma and was begun as coach in his youth team.

Wenger joined Nancy in 1984, it was his senior job. But his managerial career took off when he became AS Monaco’s manager in 1087. He won the French League in 1988 or at his first season and the French Cup in 1991. He stayed at Monaco until 7 years or until 1994.

After that, Wenger moved to Japanese J-League team Nagoya Grampus Eight. He won the Emperor’s Cup, the national cup competition. He also took the club from the bottom three to runners-up position in the league.

Then, Wenger moved to Arsenal. Arsenal confirmed his appointment on September 28th 1996. Wenger was Arsenal’s first manager from outside UK. When he began to took control the team, he signed French Midfielder, Patrick Vieira. Wenger’s first match was Arsenal defeated Blackburn Rovers with score 2-0 on October 12th 1996. Arsenal finished third in Wenger’s first season.

In his second season (1997-1998), Arsenal got both the Premiership and FA Cup, the second Double Winners in the club’s history. In 1998-1999 season, Arsenal lost the Premiership tittle, FA Cup, and UEFA Cup final. It made Wenger to sign a few players such as Thiery Henry, Robert Pires, and Fredrik Ljungberg. And the fact, in 2001-2002, Arsenal got their Double Winners for the twice under Wenger. For the next season, Arsenal won the FA Cup. And the crowning moment,when Arsenal made history with became a winner in Premiership title in 2003-2004 season without a single loss.

Wenger had made Arsenal to become a successful club. Arsenal have won three Premier League title and four FA Cups under Wenger. But Wenger and Arsenal still difficult to get UEFA Champions League. The closest Arsenal have come was they reached the final in 2005-2006, it is the first time in Arsenal’s history, which they lost 2-1 by Barcelona.

Wenger has a good reputation to practice unknown player to be famous and talented players.For example, Patrick Vieira, Thiery Henry, Francesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, and Kolo Toure. So he is given the nick nme as The Professor.

These are his individual award:
FA Premier League Manger of the Month : 10 times
BBC Sports of the Year, Coach Award :2002,2004
LMA Manager of the Year : 2001-02, 2003-04
FA Premier League Manager of the Year: 1998, 2002, 2004
Onze d’ Or Coach of the Year : 2000,2002, 2003, 2004
World Soccer Magazine (Manager of the Year) : 1998
J-League Manager of the Year : 1995
French Manger of the Year : 1998,2008