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I couldn't speak right now, if I talk about it. There are so many question in my mind whether about me, you, us, or them! But I can only ask to myself without answering it or myself can't answer it. Aargh! Feels like I want to scream in somewhere cold, lonely, and peace. But I can't find it! or actually I can't go there! I can't lie about this writing. My heart is soooo complicated thinking about me, you, us, and them!

The most disturbing question is why should I be like this? and why should I put myself in this hard, unbelievable, confusing, and difficult situation? is it my destiny to be like this? oh gosh!!! and what should I do now? It's unbelievable! I do something that others maybe rarely do. So, I doubt about it.

What am I talking about, actually? I don't know!
Should I forget about it? or should I think that it never actually happens in my life?
so hard to answer it!

but I'll do my best to get the best from Him!
yeah...although I'm worried about it.

Please, save me from what I've done!
I hope doing the right thing. But please, save me!