Childhood Dreams

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Hey, I am grown up now! Yes of course, I'm 22-yo now, Oww, old enough to be mature! But, why don't I take a little look back to my child-time. Since I'm now a young adult, maybe, and I still have only few goal achievements in my lifetime. Well, maybe I just wanna make a reminiscence to my childhood dreams. Everybody must have their childhood dreams, right?! Whether it is becoming true in their lifetime or not, it doesn't matter! However, we keep doing our best to reach our dreams, which is changing or maybe not.

When I was kid, maybe I had several dreams I wanna become to be, and I still remember all those dreams till now very well. Why? Because I think, my childhood dreams were not changing too much, even I still want it now. Although I know, it is really impossible to reach it in my new age. So, what were my dreams? I remember, the children in the same age as me, had many various dreams, but they were too general. We would hear that they wanted to become a doctor, teacher, pilot, president, princess, and else. I don't know whether my dreams was general too or not, because in my 4-5 year old, I really wanted to become an architect, a dream that rarely children wanted. I didn't know why, maybe I just was interested in making a building or a house. Whereas at that time, I still didn't know what is actually architect work for. Well that just my first childhood dream. So, although I was still a little kid, I really wanted to enter ITB, haha! Beside this university was near to my grandma's house, and it was my grandma who always support me that one day I should become a student of this university. So, I wished for it in very long time.

As the time went on, I make a change to my dreams, actually not really a change, I just make some options. I still wanted to become an architect in my elementary school age, but I also added other dreams, such as I wanted to be an astronomer, since I was interested in solar system that I really wanted to have a work in NASA (haha!) and also an archeologist, since I was interested in history. Yeah, smart kid! :p

I became a teenager, but my dreams were not changed, and I still added some options again. I began interested in literature world and also English. And it was proved, that my English score was always the best among the others. It made me proud that maybe I should pick the English literature when I entered my college life. So, I want to become a professional writer. In my senior high school age, I started to make many stories, I also began to try make my first novel. I did it, I did my first novel, and it's very teen-lit. Hehe!

It was time to make a decision, where I should go to make one of my dream come true? I had made three options when I was graduated from my senior high school. The first, I still wanted to become an architect, actually. But I made it changed to be an interior designer, not really different however. So I tried to participate for the test in ITB, where my first dream should be come true. Moreover, the two options were in UNPAD, the English Departement and the Library Science (this was actually my mom's suggestion that I was never dreamed about -_-). However, my heart said that I should go for the English Department, after I failed the test in ITB. And now, my dream comes true. I am a writer, but still not a professional writer, I still keep doing this, and I have graduated from my English Department in UNPAD last november 2012. Yeah, Alhamdulillah, I get my goal achievement for my lifetime.

However, there were actually many my childhood or teenage dreams. I'll mention it. I ever wished to become an actress when I was very impressed to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also made a wish to become a football manager or an assistant of football manager, when I fell in love with Arsenal, haha...!!:D
Well well, these were all my dreams. Nowadays, I still arrange for my other new dreams, that I wish to achieve in my lifetime.

So, what's yours?! ;)

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