Walking in the Sky

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One day,
I saw a boy; he was standing there, alone…
But then, he drew something with hand
Neither pencil nor crayon
He drew something in the air
With his mind pen
His hand moved and moved higher
I thought that he was crazy…
Then, he smiled like he saw something in his eyes
His hand still moved till he couldn’t reach anymore
But then he smiled again
He started to step
Like he was stepping on the ladder
An imaginative ladder
But I couldn’t see that ladder…
Then, I saw his feet didn’t step on the ground anymore
He stepped up, higher and higher…
I saw him amazingly,
I rubbed my eyes; saw something that I never imagined
It was like a dream, I kept watching on him
He kept walking and he kept drawing more staircases
Where he was stepping into
The highest of the sky
I was still looking at him; he was so small far from my sight
He stepped on the clouds, walking
Now he was running without hesitate
Felt there was nothing only him
I could hear his bright laugh
Now, I was tried to draw
Drew something that my eyes can’t see
But beyond my eyes can see
My imaginative ladder
Then I could reach my dream
Into the highest sky of my imagination

*was created in 2008

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