A Dialogue

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Unseen: What happen to you?
Seen: Nothing
Unseen: You can’t lie to me; I can hear your heart
Seen: What do you want to know from me?
Unseen: Just tell me!
Seen: Who are you? You don’t even know me.
Unseen: I’m the other side of you.
Seen: What do you mean?
Unseen: Well, maybe everyone could see you, but I’m different, only you who can see me in the deepest of your heart. You just can see me only if you’re alone with your sadness.
Seen: So that’s why now I can see you.
Unseen: Yes, I appear now in the deepest of your heart, you can feel me now. Right?
Seen: Yes, I can feel you.
Unseen: Now, tell me everything! I’m your friend, believe me!
Seen: I don’t know what I must do. I think everything is okay, but it’s not. I think everything will be alright. I don’t know why this all happens to me. Sometime, I feel like this, being alone with myself with everything full in my thought. I don’t know what happen to me. Sometime, I feel that I’m wrong in everything. Everything what I’ve done was wrong.
Unseen: Don’t judge yourself like that.
Seen: No, it’s true. I mean everything what I’ve done is useless. I think I’m also the one who is useless, mean nothing in this world.
Unseen: It’s just your feeling.
Seen: Well, maybe I just wish for death.
Unseen: Don’t say that, you’ll also die someday, but you can’t wish for it.
Seen: I just wish that I’ll die first than other beside me.
Unseen: Now I want to ask you.
Seen: What?
Unseen: What have you prepared for your next long journey?
Seen: What do you mean?
Unseen: I mean, what do you have to bring for your long journey afterlife?
Seen: ……
Unseen: Do you understand? Don’t you wish for your death except you have prepared for afterlife, do you have for it?
Seen: …..
Unseen: Say it!!!
Seen: Nothing! I have nothing!!!