When Life should be Chosen

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For the first time in my blog, I'm going to write about what happen to my mom. It has been three years that my mom is suffering breast cancer. At the first time she knew that she had that deadly sickness, there was a bump in her left breast. So, she decided to check it through biopsy, a medical test commonly performed by a surgeon or an interventional radiologist involving sampling of cells or tissues for examination (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/biopsy), took the sample of the cancer cell. However, it was getting worse after this took, my family decided that my mom should have a cancer surgery. My mom actually didn't feel well, she didn't want to have the surgery. But, a doctor, who is also my family, really suggested that if it was liked the only way to survive. Then, my mother went to hospital to do some procedures before she had a surgery. I didn't know why, but it was a long and complicated procedure. The doctor who gave an appointment with my mother didn't come. So my mother finally decided to cancel the surgery. My mother has decided to do some alternative therapies to heal herself from cancer.

As time goes by, my mother has some alternative therapies, such as drink soursop leaf tea, which is known as the best medicine for cancer, drink mangosteen juice, some herbs, sarang semut tea, eat more vegetables and fruits, and many more. We (me, my sisters, and my father) also should follow her diet. However, my mother becomes so sensitive. She's easy to get angry or annoyed if we do some mistakes. As the first daughter, I do almost household duties. My mother's condition is never stabil, sometimes looks healthy but other times she is weak. She becomes so resentful. So my father often tells us not to tell our problems to her.

Someday, my mother's condition became so weak, then I was afraid maybe my mother didn't have much time anymore. She was depressed because of her choice not to take the surgery. The doctor in my family really stressed that she must take it if she wanted to survive. And it really became her stressful topic in her mind. And one thing that made her really depressed that the doctor said if she still didn't take the surgery, she would die in 6 months later. Oh God! Why did he say that to his own cousin? It made me really mad, and of course all my family did. We'd tried to give her spirit, reliance, optimism, and hope, that she still has chance to survive. We never know when we will die, but we will someday, for sure. Not him who knew the answer when we will die, but HIM! Only HIM! Sometime, medical treatment is always be the first choice for people. So, maybe some doctors will be proud of their ability to cure sick people. However, sometime they forget that, who only can cure people is not them, but HIM up there. That should be remembered!

For now, my mother still commits what she has decided. She wears a kind of waistcoat for cancer therapy which invented by Dr. Wasito, in Tangerang. We should have great optimism that my mother will be recovered soon from her cancer. Although some people out there maybe furious why we do not decide to take the surgery, my mother keeps steadfast to face this all, and she still tries to get healthy again. Even she told me that she was grateful with this, because she can feel that she can be closer to HIM. Yes, I hope so. I hope that this sickness will abort all her mistakes, just like what Rasulullah (PBUH) had said. I can only hope the best for her.