Grown Up

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Today was a lovely day, especially for my cousin. Why, because it was my cousin's wedding. She and I, actually, were different in 10 month of age. She was born in January 1990 and I was in October at the same year. So this day we have the same age, yes 23 years old. I'm very happy that she could met her prince and got married in her 23rd. Am I jealous? Haha... of course, lol :p, but maybe this time I haven't met my prince yet, not this time, but maybe soon, hehehe, aamiin~

Well, actually, I'm not going to talk about that, but for other thing I've realized when I saw all my cousins gathered in the wedding party. I realized something that maybe often appear in my thought, but I don't care for it. What is that? We've grown up!

Ten years ago or more, maybe my cousins and I were used to be together. We lived at the same place, in Balubur Bandung, at my grandmother's house. We were grown up together at that place happily. We used to  gather at the back room to play some games, such as monopoly, cards, computer, and so on. We used to make some jokes, pick up some jambu air, take a walk to Taman Ganesha in every weekend, go to the market and help my grandmother to cook, go to the mosque, swim at Karangsetra, have picnic in some places, and many more we used to do together.

But today, one of my cousins, have a marriage. Even, one of them has a daughter. Yes, we've grown up now, and every time we will grow up. The time goes so fast. I don't know what will happen in the next ten years. Maybe we will be together again, but in different situation. Maybe we will bring our beloved children, and we will talk as parents who tell the stories of our children, we will not play like we used to be, but maybe our children will do. Yes, maybe the future will be like that.

Aahhh~ I really miss my childhood time. The time when we're still together in the old house which now have gone because it had been renovated, and it doesn't belong to us anymore. The jambu air  was gone, the atmosphere of the old house was missing, and we're really missing the memories of our childhood. Because, we've grown up now. The life we choose will bring us to the path we have chosen. Maybe that old time was gone, but never with it's memories.