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There is a question in my mind, why do almost people have two faces?! It's not real two faces I mean. Yea, according to this post title, hypocrite! But I don't mean it is in the true meaning.

Sometime we find that ourselves may like something but probably we also hate something. Life nowadays has been more difficult to be distinguished, who is actually the good one and the bad one? but we should look it deeper, what is about heart? Heart never lies, although face can show the opposite. I don't understand why. Why it is so hard to explain? When they tell us, they keep telling us that they hate something or someone. But in fact, why they still show their kindness to someone they hate, or actually maybe they never hate it, they only want to make justification for us. So who become the victim? I don't know!
And it is also applied to those who believe that they have faith to Islam, but they won't obey to Allah's rules. They only take some parts of the rules and ignore the others. How can?!

Err, maybe we should make a self-correction, are we also including into that person? we never know, only Him knows. Naudzubillah~