Surrounded by the Winter

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The shadow was too clear to be seen
Reflected on the frozen water
The sky was too dark to be gazed
Stood above a sinned creature
Ashen haze covered the lonely soul
Tortured it with an annual mourning
of the continuous suffering 
Cumulus were too tough to be penetrated
Exhaled the coldest wind
Frost of the heat spirit which newly arose
The whisper of the shadow 
kept whiling of the emptiness 
Frighten hope that was just woken
Is this another falsity from the ancient feeling?
See of  the reflection of the soul and mind
They are surrounded by the coldness of winter
This chill, none will never know when it comes to the end
The fake whisper keep blowing in mind
When does the light come to melt this frost?
Starlight, moonlight, sunlight....
Do they come to end this suffering?
Do they come to end this winter?
Or will one of them do this?
Yes, one will...