Cry with The Wind

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Darkness covers the air
Feel the pain tightens heart beat
Cold dusk sticks under the skin
Froze every grains of blood
Stiff like an iron
Every move seems difficult to move
Wind blows spreading its chill
Wish it takes away the grief of my soul
Let the droplets of tears down
Freeze every treacle into crystal
Like the falling of the snow
So lonely
So cold
So painful
Will you keep me trapped into this? Or let me die?
No choice I could choose
Let me cry with the wind
Brought every breath into deepest gloom
With the loneliness of self

Walking in the Sky

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One day,
I saw a boy; he was standing there, alone…
But then, he drew something with hand
Neither pencil nor crayon
He drew something in the air
With his mind pen
His hand moved and moved higher
I thought that he was crazy…
Then, he smiled like he saw something in his eyes
His hand still moved till he couldn’t reach anymore
But then he smiled again
He started to step
Like he was stepping on the ladder
An imaginative ladder
But I couldn’t see that ladder…
Then, I saw his feet didn’t step on the ground anymore
He stepped up, higher and higher…
I saw him amazingly,
I rubbed my eyes; saw something that I never imagined
It was like a dream, I kept watching on him
He kept walking and he kept drawing more staircases
Where he was stepping into
The highest of the sky
I was still looking at him; he was so small far from my sight
He stepped on the clouds, walking
Now he was running without hesitate
Felt there was nothing only him
I could hear his bright laugh
Now, I was tried to draw
Drew something that my eyes can’t see
But beyond my eyes can see
My imaginative ladder
Then I could reach my dream
Into the highest sky of my imagination

*was created in 2008

My Writing Project Challenge

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          I have a novel project about the complicated life of a young man. However, I find it difficult to make its plot and characters. I’ll keep trying to find those all through my life and its relation. But  since I will use a young man as its main character, I’ll find someone’s characteristic  through someone. Who is he? I don’t know, maybe I will make a mix characteristic through some people I know. It will be fun. But, how do I know? Well, if I do not know their characteristics, but we still may find someone’s character through their writings. I also don’t know whose writing I will learn. But, I’ll make my character like to be alive in the story. So I need to find it out.
I have an obsession to be a professional writer and I should have capability to write many kinds of writing. Although I know I have more interest in writing fictional one. I also should learn how to make one’s character. I have written some stories, I also have tried to make both men and women characters, young and adult characters, and how they use their language in different age. Yet still I am an amateur writer. So I need to learn it. I should know many people’s characteristics so through them, I can create many characters I want. I also should read more books to learn writers’ characters, because I believe we can find it through their writings as I’ve told before.
I wish this my novel project will be published at the end of the year. And it's a big challenge for me. So, just wait it! I will make a boom for you all! ;)

what does actually I read?

My 5th Song: Stranger

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My wish to make a new song has been done! Yeah, I did it one more still with music genre of alternative rock (maybe, hehe) and pop-country. This is my fifth song, I just needed for a few hours to make it finished also with the lyric. It is another counsel lyric after 'The Way', to make me strong. So just check the lyric out, below:


Sometime you maybe feel so afraid

Or maybe, you also have your own fear

But don’t ever take your step back

Cause it’s your path to go ahead

Put all of your strength to face your faith

And throw out your fear behind your courage

No one will stop from what you’ve done

Everything’s gonna be okay


Choose your life and where you’ll go

Cause everything always has end to come

And find for yours, a nice place one

It’s a place where you belong

Strengthen yourself, make you ready

What all will happen, will shake yourself

Cause it’s not the easy way

You will step upon the truth

Somehow, Sometime you will be a stranger

But it will make you proud of yourself

Cause you think, you’re different

From what anyone has become

Don’t ever worry all the things you’ll face

If you really want it for your happiness

Accept the truth, and life goes on

It will walk as long as should be

Breaking Part:

One day you will feel the greatest thing of all

And nobody let you fall….

You’ll be a stranger


You’re different…
but you're special

Stranger, stranger, stranger…


In the time when you will survive

Ask for your forgiveness in the past

Wash away all your fault

And your dream will be complete