My 5th Song: Stranger

3/05/2013 04:20:00 AM 0 Comments A+ a-

My wish to make a new song has been done! Yeah, I did it one more still with music genre of alternative rock (maybe, hehe) and pop-country. This is my fifth song, I just needed for a few hours to make it finished also with the lyric. It is another counsel lyric after 'The Way', to make me strong. So just check the lyric out, below:


Sometime you maybe feel so afraid

Or maybe, you also have your own fear

But don’t ever take your step back

Cause it’s your path to go ahead

Put all of your strength to face your faith

And throw out your fear behind your courage

No one will stop from what you’ve done

Everything’s gonna be okay


Choose your life and where you’ll go

Cause everything always has end to come

And find for yours, a nice place one

It’s a place where you belong

Strengthen yourself, make you ready

What all will happen, will shake yourself

Cause it’s not the easy way

You will step upon the truth

Somehow, Sometime you will be a stranger

But it will make you proud of yourself

Cause you think, you’re different

From what anyone has become

Don’t ever worry all the things you’ll face

If you really want it for your happiness

Accept the truth, and life goes on

It will walk as long as should be

Breaking Part:

One day you will feel the greatest thing of all

And nobody let you fall….

You’ll be a stranger


You’re different…
but you're special

Stranger, stranger, stranger…


In the time when you will survive

Ask for your forgiveness in the past

Wash away all your fault

And your dream will be complete