The 6th Song: Waiting for a Star

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Yeah, this is my 6th song I made. I don't know actually what this song tells about, because I think it's just full of metaphors. Maybe the lyric is just something I want like my dreams I want to get. Firstly, and just like my other songs, I found nice chord while I was playing the guitar and I didn't plan to make a new song, but finally i found the chord and it was nice, I think, so I created the lyric. The genre of the song may be just lil bit country and gothic, maybe because I was inspired by The Civil Wars songs.
Here you may know the lyric below, check this out ;)

Waiting for a Star

I'm standing here to watch it all night
A star is glowing and I start to hide
Still I keep stealing to look up the sky
But I find that now it is run and hide

The night, I know it is so dark
It makes me blind to see all the things I find
The star is standing above the sky
But why it's just covered and now it hides
I wish the star will give shiny light
and waiting here till the sun comes to the sky
Just waiting here until you will come around

I know it's hard to reach but I can't run
And it keeps sparkling to me it's a sign
But it's still shy to show its shiny light
I promise to watch and catch its glow

Back to Reff.

Although it's too far for I can get it
And I know I'm in stranger side
I'm sure still have a chance to make it

I'm waiting here until you'll come around