Live Through the Fantasy

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    Every person should have a fantasy whether when they were children or adult. I have read in book Children’s Literature by Charlotte S. Huck, it tells that every child has own imagination about something. Every child has own fantasy world. It makes me interested in fantasy. For me, fantasy is something amazing in our life, we can imagine that maybe other never think about. However, every person has own fantasy and imagination because they have thoughts and ideas. Whether it bad or good, beautiful or horrific, real or unreal, it doesn’t matter, because they have a gift to live through fantasy.
    I thank that God gives me that amazing thing. Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in my fantasy world when I’m alone. I’m having fun with my own stories that I’ve made by myself and it seems that it is real. Sometimes in night, I should sleep until the midnight just to make my fantasy story. I don’t know why I just want to make my story real in my life.
In my fantasy, I make some characters that I want. I have main character and I make it like my artist in my scenario movie. I have a female character; she is an actress in my fantasy. However, she has the same historical background as me. The difference with me is the characteristics I’ve made for her. She is calm, silent, hopeless romantic, soft, and modest. I don’t know why I make her to be like that, maybe indirectly I want to like her. She is just innocent girl who get adventure to find the true love. She is going around the world since she is an actress. She meets many people and of course, boys. Well, these just an introduction about my main character.
Something that I’m curious about myself is why I want her to be real. In my imagination, I think about what her face should be, what the characteristic should be, who is the last love during her searching for true love, what songs that appropriate with her story, what illustration that appropriate with her. The most difficult is when I try to find what face should be compatible with her characteristics,. Well, I’ve imagined her face and body. I imagine her has a pretty cute face and ideal girl body. It seems like a perfect girl, but I’m just fine with that, well it’s all up to me, right? Then I find many pictures of beautiful girl which have the same description as my imagination of what her face. She is an Asian girl, but not Indonesian, and it’s not a real picture, those girl pictures are just art paintings, so those make my character is not real, just fantasy.
To make her more real to me, I make a facebook and blogger account for her. Well, it may just a false account, but I’m happy with that. In her blogger, I publish her own stories, how she experience when she met with her first boyfriend in Den Haag, Holland. Well, I think the story is very simple, because I make it simple. So, I make her blogger’s name to be The Adventures of Love.
Then, every time I make story for her, I always listen to the music that is compatible with her adventure. There are many songs that accompany me while I am writing her story, especially from Taylor Swift. Swift’s song, actually, like about what girl dreams for love. So I think it would be very nice if when we read my character’s story, we also listen to Swift’s songs. Actually, Swift’s song is kind of country-pop genre, so I think it’s very romantic and fun. I love the sound of guitar while join with the voice of Taylor Swift. There are also other songs from Craig David, David Archuleta, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and many more that nice to listen.
For the other characters, especially the boys, I imagine some boys that I like. They are actually popular figures in their own world. There are an actor, rider, football player, dancer, and singer. I also make their own characteristics and names which are actually little bit like their names but I change their last name.
For the story itself, I have made it in three chapters. I’ve not finished yet, because it is a long long story of life. I just make some short stories about the big events that happen. So, the first chapter will be about her first boyfriend and her, how they play together in the same movies as a couple. I also make the stories for the movies they play. I have planned; she will have 9 roles in 9 movies which in her 5 movies she will play with her first boyfriend. In the story of her life, she will break up with her first boyfriend who has engaged with her. Then she will back off from her career as an actress to become a writer, until she will find another boy, a football player. Honestly, their relationships also break up because of misunderstanding. Finally, she finds her soul-mate in Switzerland, the place where she always feels comfortable. He is a Korean artist, and she play Korean drama movie with him. Last, they get married and live in Japan until they get child, they decide to move to Indonesia.
In this story, there are many still conflicts even when she gets married. The conflict between her and her football player boyfriend is not finished yet. Her ex-boyfriend still loves her so much, but he is a broad minded and open hearted, so he could accept that marriage.
I think the long narrative is when she lives in London as a writer and with her football player boyfriend. I think the chapter 2 is the most exciting part where there are many conflicts happen and also happy story between the lover couple. They have the same ages so I think while a lover couple in the same ages there will be many conflicts and kind of difficulty of self-controlling like egoist.
In the story, I choose some places that she visits like Holland (the first place she visits), England, US, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, France, Spain, Korea, and Japan.
I think it’s interesting and fun to have imaginary life. It’s like the other side of me that can never be seen except myself.  So, I think everybody also has own world whether it’s real or not. Something I always remember, I live in real world so I couldn’t get too far to enter the whole fantasy, although actually it’s fun to be here. I feel I just like Alice who finds Wonderland through the hole under the tree. Well, I also should be aware, because I’m not dreaming everyday in my life; I should catch my real dreams in my real life. So, I always say to myself, ‘Wake Up! Wake Up!’ to remind me that I’m not in fantasy.
Well, that's just my own fantasy. How about you?