Yes, I'm a dreamer....

10/26/2012 09:34:00 AM 0 Comments A+ a-

What would you answer if I ask you, "are you a dreamer?"

Is there anything wrong with that question? no, of course not...

Dreamer can be anything, postive or negative. I think I have both, well, to be honest. Although I know we should all take the positive thing for our life. Well, that's just the other side of me. If I should answer that question, my answer would be "Yes, I'm a dreamer"!
However, we should see the context and what the effect will be from the word 'dreamer'. I have said that dreamer may has two side, positive and negative. I have my own opinion about this, that every person must be a dreamer, why? do they have own their dreams they want to take? of course yes. That's the positive thing, that dreamers might have their own ways to get their dreams. I've learned some ways how we create our future to reach our dreams. Maybe I should try it to get my dreams. With this, our life would be changed.
But I'm another dreamer. This is different, because this couldn't enter our real life. Sometimes in life, we try not to be a dreamer, but it comes and comes again. I try to let it go but I can't. So, maybe this will become another accessories of my life, for the dreams I can't take. But I won't trap into it too long, although I know I like it. I won't make it last forever, never!
For that reason, I may say that every person is a dreamer, whether for real or unreal.  But I don't wanna take it for granted. With dream, it can change our life. And for the dream has been promised, why don't we try to take it in our life? What are you waiting for? It's just the matter of time, and what we need is just do our best! :)