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Mixed feelings now are in me. My feeling shows everything. 
Happy, sad, bored, love, confuse, annoyed, funny, angry, and other which are too much to be said.
Feels that it will have no end. But this is life, living in the moment to be like this, living my life.
Not like the straight road, but just like passing through the mountain.
Wherever I'm going, I will always have all these feelings.
But I'm trying to enjoy as the world is on my hand.
I just want to say that I'm lucky.
Because this life is remarkable and  the after is more remarkable.
And the world as I see it is remarkable.
Because the world is Yours, and so I'm.
But I won't give up. Whether all these feelings appear.
And even the skies get rough.
I'm giving all my life and my love.
I won't give up.
Because I'm lucky and I'm Yours.