To The Eternal Dream

1/26/2012 01:35:00 PM 0 Comments A+ a-

When people are seeking for their world dreams, 
I take another dream for my eternal dream
When people are having fun with their world, 
I take another thing to do for the real struggle
I know this way; I really know this path I take
I remember when first I should decide
I was afraid, confuse, even I felt so hard
Yes, of course
This path is not an easy path
To get the eternal dream is not an easy way to do
Everything is a struggle
To see the people around me is a challenge
Between the happiness and the struggle
Then, I can make the differences between them
So I decided to choose the struggle at first 
Then it will lead me to the happiness at the end
I know this path
I make my own will to this path
I am who ask for this path
For now, I walk away
Still walk away, and keep walk away on this path
Don’t care if storm will make me down
But I should keep walk away
To stand myself on this road
To open the eternal door
To the real happiness